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                                    Chocolate by PeterM

Bean to Bar Chocolate since 1993

My family background has been food & wine dating back to my family settling in the Barossa Valley in the early 1840’s.

With a career in wine, cheese, fruit,  food engineering & product developement. The path turned to focus on chocolate .

For specifically the cacao beans grown in Australia and the Pacific Islands, first planted by the spanish in the late 1600- 1700’s. From heritage South american rootstock. These early plantings were added to by German and Enlish settlers across the Pacific and Asia.

The result is a rich divesity of cacao varietals with an even greater range of flavours. From the strawerries and cream of PNG to the spice and lime of the Solomon Islands

When i started in chocolate in the early 1990’s my initial focus was pure bean to bar origin.

But in later years its been collaborations with wine makers, distillers and fruit/nut growers. To explore an even broader range of flavours.

Hand-made Bean to Bar chocolate

 Cacao of the Pacific Islands my speciality

Chocolate crafted on black granite stone using traditional methods

Low & Slow

each batch is 36 to 96 hours from roast to final conche

Only The Best Quality of Cacao

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